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Friday, 22 March 2013

Thailand: Phuket Fun!

Repost from Yvonne - January 2013 Thailand trip!

Phorm Thep Cape is a place where you can watch the beautiful sunset in Phuket.
Phorm Thep Cape is called 神仙半岛 in Chinese.
We took almost 1 hour to there from Patong beach.

Took tuk tuk to Phorm Thep Cape

And here we are..

 The sunset views

You may have your dinner at here too :)

We signed up  full day Phi Phi tour with RM130.
It including lunch, land transfer and boat transfer.

 We woke up early and wait for the 8am van to Chalong bay for boat transfer and briefing.

During the briefing, they adviced us to rent the fins in case we hurt our foots during snorkelling.
But we didn't rent, hehe.

So we got on the boat and headed off to the first destination:
Phi Phi Ley Island   
Nice view from the back =D
This handsome guider always brief us when we were heading off to different places.
We took around 1.5 hours to Phi Phi Ley.
So this is Phi Phi Ley, we swam and snorkeling at there.
Honestly, I didn't find more and various kind of fishes at there.
Really less, the sea there was very salty than others too. =(
However, the views and the sea was nice and clear too =)

My dear Jennie got on to the boat and captured us a photo <3
Maya Bay/ Loh Samah Bay
This is a bay with nice views, clear water, sexy ladies, handsome guys and with crowded too.

Well, seriously, this beach is really crowded as you can see.

Yea right, of course we looked fair, because it was the first day we sun bathing under the sun for many hours!!


We spent most of our time in taking pictures at Maya Bay.
As we had limited time to loiter have fun at there,hehe.

This lovely couple is from China.
We met them at the beginning of Phi Phi tour.
They do not understand English well, so they join us and play with us during the trip.
They also took photos for us.
Thank you very much! ^^   

Viking Cave
Heading to Viking Cave.

Phi Phi Don
We fed monkeys at the there.
The monkeys are really clever, they could catch the food which we threw to them. 

Finally! Lunch time in Phi Phi Don!

Khai Nok Island
You can swim, snorkelling sunbathing and feed the fishes at there.
I didn't go for snorkelling as I didn't see many fishes there.

They look so happy^^  

This orange juice is tasty, although it is not fresh juice =


Nice view from the back =D
Sexy lady!
The sunlight is too bright!

Sunbathing until she felt asleep, lol.

Goodbye Phi Phi!

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