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Sunday, 30 December 2012


We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Result Announcement Day


After few weeks, I finally back!
I just finished my diploma a week ago ;D

Before that, let me post some photos which taken during my diploma :D

21/12/2012 the day of result announcement =)

With this Nicole sis <3

Housekeeping lecturer- Ms Lay Bee   
Front Office lecturer- Ms Ben Li

F&B lecturer- Mr Gopi, 194cm lecturer

F&B lecturer- Mr Justin Ho Li Vern

Bonjour mademoiselle Nathalie!

Eun ji (korean girl) and Ann

F&B lecturer- Mr Alex

Top student- Mademoiselle Cindy ;D

Mr Yeoh Tay Boon

Han Jin and Annabell

the joker, Wei Ann and Ann

RDOD lecturer- Ms Charmaine

Oops! My final exam f&b jury- Mr Steven

Sponge Bob lover- Bel Bel

Hana and Katherine

the ballerina- Wan San
Good bro, Mr Ivan and the happy girl, Roxanne

Top student- Ee Von
 We want to look thin!!!

F&B lecturer-Mr Mayukh

After diploma, I had the last gathering with my diploma friends in the stage club. Well, we'd actually have fun at there, but almost all of them drunk very early :(

Stage club was having an event on 21/12/2012, the DJ from HK came to Malaysia. There was promotion which buy 3 free 1 for the clubbers....

I couldn't get to take photo with all my friends as I reached there late. However, I have the photos with some of my friends and the senior :)

Okay! C'est tout! Will have more updates soon :)
Good night!  

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Bulgogi Brothers

Hi peeps! Good morning!

This is early! Yea, exactly! It's 2:46am now yet I still awake at this time.
I was arranging all my notes from term 1 to my last term of my diploma. I'm not too free to arrange those notes. I'm gonna sit for my scary final, therefore I arranged them nicely so that I can study them easily.

So I'm free now, just let me post an interest thing to you then I will off to bed ;P

CY and I went to a Korean Restaurant for dinner last Friday. It's Bulgogi Brothers@Paradigm. I found out this restaurant from Chuckei's blog. So I wanted to try it out too ^^

While we walking to the entrance of the restaurant. The servers there were alert and quickly open the door for us and they greet us with their friendly smiles. So one of the servers seated us and give us menu and pour us the tea of the day.

Hyeonmi Cha

Then we ordered the beef for barbeque. We purposely went there for korean bbq :P We ordered 2 different types of beef for our dinner well, I do not know what type were they actually, hehe.
They also gave us the appetizer, side dishes and soup.

Appetizer- The sweet potatoes, sweet corn and the 'green peas'


The side dishes.

And the sweet potato soup.

Heart shape beef <3

         Before                                                                        After

Another type of beef =D
These were juicy, taste good! C'est bon!

                                        Before                                                                            After
So these were what we ordered for our dinner last Friday. FYI, the appetizer, side dishes and the soup are free. For the side dishes, they are free for refill, so you can order as much as you want :) but I'm not too sure for both of the appetizer and soup. You can also wrap the beef with the salad and put some special sauce to eat. Taste more better! ^^

Voila! Go and try this out! Bulgogi Brothers is also open@Mid Valley, Pavillion KL and e@Curve!  

=.=I'm tired now. Need to sleep d. Good night =D 

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