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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Thailand: Phuket Patong

Repost from Yvonne - January 2013 Thailand trip!

This trip was specially organized for 4 of us.
We are the best friends since 2006.

We traveled to Thailand on our own, were planning to go Taiwan thou.
Herewith the special thanks to my buddies, male bffs. They woke up very early and sent us to the airport in the early morning :) Thank you!
In this trip, I got to take flight to the destination. I was very happy.
Honestly, I didn't take any flight to other countries before and this was my first time :D 

Jennie and me

Besides this, we also printed out our journey into a booklet for reference :)
 FYI, 1000baht = RM10

We took 1 hour flight from KL to Phuket.

We took taxi to Patong after we collect our luggage in the airport.
The taxi fees was 600baht after we asked for the discounts

Small tips here!   
You have to ask for discounts whenever you take transport or buy somethings in Phuket! Otherwise they will charge you like hell.
* If you are rich, just forget it! ;)  

1 hour journey to Patong again..and we reached our Inn.

We stayed in Bangphu Inn. It was very nice. A vintage type of accomodation.

Due to some issues, we had stayed 2 by 2 in both Deluxe room and Superior room for 2 nights and another 2 nights 4 of us stayed in Family suite.
Deluxe room
Superior room
Family suite

 And this is girls'room :D
Food in Phuket!
Sabai-sabai Restaurant
American breakfast
Tom Yam Gong

A type of thailand salad
 Phorm Thep Cape
Thai tea

Seafood fried rice

No.1 Food court

 No.6 Restaurant 
(No.6 Food Court and No.6 Restaurant is totally different)
Green curry chicken soup
 *Unknown Restaurant*
Pineapple fried rice

Pattaya noodles
 No.5 Food Court

Papaya salad

Seafood spaghetti

Squid stuffed with chicken

Garlic butter prawn
 Free Lunch from tour package

Street Food
Choices of pancake
Besides the food, the beer there was good!
Beach with beer, C'est bien! =D
Yvonne and Hazel
Jennie and me

The NIGHTS in Phuket
Bangla Street is just beside Patong beach.
It is a street where you could enjoy the nightlife in Phuket.
It was very happening there =)  

 This is one of the game in Bangla Street.
 When a person throws a ball and hit the tag beside the cage, the lady in that cage will fall into the water.
Took photos with the pretty shemale

Not going to miss clubbing in Phuket!
Free cocktails

Hahaha! We were wearing slippers to the club.
Different experience.

OH! Too much fun!
Need spa pampering?!

Here we go!
Massage and Foot Reflexology.
Thai massage
A cup of lemongrass tea after massage
    Patong is a place where you can sun bathe beside the beach and wild in the night in Bangla road!

It is very suitable for teenagers with a group of friends.

I enjoyed the days in Phuket ^^ 

End this post with an interesting advertisement from a bar ;D

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