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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Thailand: Phuket Fun Part 2!

Yeeah~ I know this is really a late late post about my Thailand trip.
It was 2 months ago,hehe.
Here you go.. 
Repost from Yvonne - January 2013 Thailand trip!
Camworing before going to beach

Karon beach
 Here is Karon beach. It has soft white sand with clean sea water.
This is the beach which is clean than others apparently.

    Patong beach
     Patong beach doesn't impress me very much as the beach is not nice than Karon.

     However, there are water sports. There are many water transports.
    If you are a person who likes water sport, guess you will like it.

     For people who like to relax, listen to the sound of waves, you may go to Karon =)
    Besides that, there is outdoor thai massage too! 

    You may ask for tattoo service too, as there will be local providing tattoo service beside the beach.

    For me, I just feel lame for those water sports.
    Not interesting enough?? - Idk, hehe.

    No outdoor massage pls! It's not comfortable massage with sand, LOL!
    Of course no tattoo for me, TQ! haha..

    So we sunbathing and swim beside the beach.

    We picnic too!
     We also took our heart shape photo at there.

    Honestly, I paid so much for this photo! ='(
    I hurt my waist when I over urged to make more curve so that the heart shape will look nicer. But I FAILED.

    So I tried the second time after I rest for awhile.
    Yeah! I did it!
    Although it's just 1 of my photo that look like heart shape.
    Nvm, try again next time, LOL!! 
      Phang Nga Bay
      We bought a package to Phang Nga Bay.
      Our activities were rafting, elephant ride, visit waterfall and monkey temple.
      We took around 1.5 hours to PNB from Patong.

      Honestly, I physically didn't really enjoy this trip, but my heart yes.
      As I mentioned above, I hurt my back =(

      This was my first rafting in my life. Not bad.
      Mais, il y a un francais je n'aime pas c'est.
      He said the commander didn't know how to control the boat.

      After that, we went to the waterfall.
      The waterfall was not bad too.
      Cool water.. Great!

      But I was not happy with the staff.
      FYI, 2 male staffs brought us to the places.
      One of my friends doesn't know how to swim.
      She accidentally drown, so one of the staffs swam to safe her.

      It was so ridiculous as the staff kept touching or should I say caress?! after he safe my friend!!

      So if you are traveling with a group of friends, make sure there is male.
      Or you would like to travel with your best female friends, you have to be very alert.

      Then we back to the hall and had our lunch. Lunch is included in the package.

      It's time to go for riding!

      Jennie and Yvonne took a lot of photos.

      These elephants are so clever, they walk around and back to the stop by smelling their own shit along the road. =)

      You may find there were news about those elephants in Thailand how they could be so clever from some websites.
      They trained these elephants by abusing them.
      Do you believe it? I believe!
      But it was too late to avoid riding them for fun.
      Because I knew it after my Thailand trip, hehe.
      Feel so sorry to the elephant. ="(

      Here we go to monkey temple, ticket needed to go in to the temple.
      I didn't feel like to pray and avoid paying money to go in, hehe.
      So we fed the monkeys outside the temple.
      This is 1 of the visitor from Iran I guess, he was so nice.
      Feeding monkeys with him and his friend. 
      So many monkeys around this temple, guess why its name is Moneky temple =)

      Lastly, 1 of my slim photo, LOL!
      Look slim right? C'mon, this is just a shooting skill by using different angel, hahaha!
      I was fat that time, Ignore my odd face :]]]     

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