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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Clash of Clans

Hey! I'm finally back and likely to share with you about Clash Of Clans (COC) =D

First of all, I'd like to thank to my bff, Mr Aidex. He actually introduced this game to me or on the other hand, he influences me, wtf. I literally found out most of the people are playing this game. How interesting is it ;) and I convince my sister to play it too, LOL.

Enjoy the video!

COC is a game which you have to collect resources like golds and elixir to build your defenses to defend your village and you are the chief of your village. Besides building defenses, you need more elixir to train troops. Troops are your army. They do not mostly to be used as defending your village, but they will attack others' villages to gain more gold, elixir and points for your village.

To be honest, my current town hall level is only level 5. Hence, some of the resources, army , traps... I've never use before, so I'm not going to blog it here excluding those I know.

The characters
Not only playing this game for fun, it actually inspired me in organizing a company about different tasks for different position for the workers in a company.

1. Barbarian

They are the first unit you can recruit as your troop. They do not do a lot of damage, but they do when they come in bunch.
They are likely to be labours in an industry. We need more man power to get things done efficiency and perfect; If we have less labours, the efficiency of a job to be done will be low.

2. Archer

Archers are good to attack and damage from far.Their movement speed is faster than barbarians'.
They are the better labours among the workers, more efficient.

3. Goblin

They are adept in stealing gold and elixir.They do not attack but they can destroy things in few seconds. Their movement speed and destroying speed are way too fast than barbarians and archers.
When applying goblins into an industry, they can be described as cashiers. They are only responsible for collecting money.

4. Giant

Giants are strong and beefy. They target defenses and destroy them to soak up damage for your archers and wizards to deal damage.
They are strong men who can carry heavy stuff among the labours.

5. Wall breaker

These skeletons blast a wall wide open. They are the perfect in cracking impenetrable walls.
Crafty character is very suitable in marketing. These type of people are usually playing an important role in sales. They know the ways to communicate with customers/clients to get more sales.

6. Balloon

These airships drop some devastating area of effect bombs to annihilate enemy defensive structures.
I will define them as a boss currently. LOL.

7. Wizard
Wizards are good destroyers. They are able to deal tonnes of damage from range. However, they can't take too many hits.
They are managers whom can order people to work with them. They certainly work with their labours. However, menial jobs are not suitable for them, as their strengthness is handling problems in management.

I found these interesting and would like to share with you ^^

Town Hall

Clan castle

Builder's hut

Gold mine

Gold storage

Elixir collector

Elixir storage

Army camp



Spell factory




Archer tower

Air defense

Wizard tower


Spring trap

Air bomb

I'm going insane into COC!!

During the public holidays of Raya Celebration, I follow my family to Johor for a short trip. Since we have nothing to do in Johor, so we went to Legoland.
FYI, there aren't many things for adults to play and I actually accompanied my baby cousin to the theme park.

The environment ain't bad, one of the parts which impressed me was a kingdom. Despite looking it much more like the clan castle in COC, it is actually a

Below are the wizard tower and the builder, LOL!
Aren't they look alike, haha!

You wouldn't know how insane I am until I tell you I even dreamt about the defenses!! I dreamt about my barbarians are attacking a mortar and a cannon, wtf! ><
Just recalled a day trip with my family at Bukit Tinggi, my parents' friends' place. It is a fruit garden and there is a house to make charcoal.I eventually think that it is a barracks at my first sight wtf. A big black water pipe beside the pond, it really look alike as mortar ><

I have the picture of 'barracks' only.

Last but not least, for COC players, you can click here for guidance about this game. I got some of the information from this URL for my blog, too.

Have a nice day! ^^