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Sunday, 17 March 2013

St. Patrick's Day!!

I was invited to the

St. Patrick's Day Celebration

which was held on last Friday night, 15th march 2013.

The main sponsorship,


was giving away drinks vouchers to start off the celebration!
    This was my 1st time attending this kind of event.

It was really amazing!

The invitation from them allowed me to bring 1 more friend.

So I chose to bring Yvonne along. 

Pub crawling..
Interesting yea?! ;D 

Pub crawling is something like hopping from pub to pub.

So the meeting point was Malones @ Sooka Sentral.
When we registered ourselves at the reception.

The receptionists gave us a goodie bag, pub crawl passport and few of coupons of black brew Guinness for each of us.

There were hat, T-shirts in the goodie bag.

We went in to the pub and ordered 2 pints of Guinness for our ownselves.

My first tried of Guinness, though it is very bitter.
But no! It smells nice and tastes good too!
Besides the beer, there were refreshments for us too.

Yvonne was pretty hungry, and she kept picking food from the food counter, haha!

 There were airbrush tattoo service for us!

And we wanted the Guinness logo on our necks=)

There were people asking you to download the apps and get free gifts too!
I downloaded DSapp, which is an app which could measure your alcohol consumption; and get the big flower spec, cool right?!

Okay.. Back to the "pub crawl"

Pub crawl is not only hopping pub to pub.
 We have mission too!!

1) Each mission will get 1 stamp.
2) 6 stamps collectors will have the opportunity to win Ipad mini   X2
3) 4 stamps collectors will have the opportunity to win cases of  Guinness
How to collect stamps?? 

#1 Collect 3 bottle caps - Malones @ Sooka Sentral

#2 Get a signature from the bartender on your coaster - Backyard @ Sri Hartamas

#3 Take a photo with the Green man by using your own cellphone - Beer Factory @ Sunway Giza 

I'd collected 3 bottle caps at the 1st stop.
Didn't take down the picture,hehe.
But I got 1 stamp from the show girl ;D
( We'd actually got 1 free stamp before entering the pub) 

We took bus to the destinations!

There were 3-4 buses

There were many Guinness' cars and polices accompanied us from pub to pub.
I'm totally safe, hahaha!
When we get on the bus, they distributed some small gifts to us ;D

In the bus..

 2nd stop
Once I got off the bus, I went to the bar and asked for the bartender's signature.

Yvonne just asked me to be calm, hahaha!

Afterthat, we stayed there for 45 minutes.

We shook happily together with the show girls at the dance floor.

*I shake! and shake! and let the fat out!*

Took a photo with a new handsome friend, Daryl.

   3rd stop
   The last stop! The Beer Factory.

There was really happening!

Loud  music.
Many game counters.
Airbrush tattoo counter.
and bla bla bla~~
There were dancer performing.
Airbrush tattoo on our hands!
Cool tattoo!

Shamshoot with yvonne!

Not to forget taking photo with the green man to complete the mission!
It's too hot and I sweated alot til my hair looks oily :(

Voila! I've got total 6 stamps in my pub crawl passport déjà!

Thought I can get an Ipad mini in the lucky draw ="(

Is okay, at least I'm 1 of the luckies and get a case of Guinness
   Took photo with the girls..

  Beside me is Fox.
She is a nice and friendly girl.

She guided me alot about the mission and was patiently answered many questions from me, haha!
(Like to ask many questions, hehehehe)
Thank you ^^

Show you the pictures of the day.. 
Red fm Jeremy and Fly fm Prem

Goodbye! Hope I can join the next Pub Crawl again!
Amazing Party!  

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