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Thursday, 28 February 2013

My 1st Sabah Trip: Tawau

What did I do during the Chinese New Year in 2013?

I didn't get many angpaos than others.

I didn't gamble much in this Chinese New Year.

I'd no reunion dinner in nian 30 wan with The Low's.

So ..


It was my first Sabah trip ;D

I went there with my family.
We went there for snorkeling.

We follow my parents' friend to Sabah.

However, we went to Tawau on the 1st day of the trip.

It was 5 days 4 nights trip.

We don't dive in Tawau. We went there was because the uncle's house is there.

1st Day

When we arrived, we placed our luggage in uncle's house then we went out for our brunch.
Uncle brought us to a famous restaurant where we could have seafood noodles for our meal.
 FYI, seafood in Sabah is cheaper than East Malaysia.
Uncle ordered seafood noodles for us and I ordered a glass of herbal tea for myself.


The noodles and seafood were tasty.
Especially the seafood, it was really delicious.

There are different kinds of seafood in a bowl.

If I was to rate it from 1-10
I would rate this seafood  8.

The other 2 is just because I'm the person who doesn't like seafood very much. 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New Year 2013


Hi peeps! Quite a long time didn't post any new post.

This post will be post in BOLD words only.


It's because I think these BOLD words make me awake while typing.

Yea, never update any blogs in a long time.
It may be sleepy to start some long posts which are trip to THAILAND 

 CHINESE NEW YEAR is coming soon..

Everyone must have a resolution to start a new year.

So what's your resolution in 2013??

My resolution is to buy a car for myself by using my own savings.
What type of car I like??


Just follow my feelings ;P
Haven't decide yet.

Okay, feel like wanted to tell you why I didn't update my blog.

I addicted in China Drama.
I watched few dramas in PPS.

One of the China actress that I admire is 袁姗姗

She looks cute and pretty.
Good actress (Y)