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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Gohtong Jaya Strawberry Park

Since I had promised you to post about the Strawberry Park from the previous post.. and voila! This can be a long post, hehe, sry to take you much time to read this post, enjoy~ :)

The Strawberry Park is located at Gohtong Jaya in Malaysia. You will go pass Gohtong Jaya on your way to Genting Highland, which is one of the highlight spot in Malaysia.

The whether there is cool. If you are the person who loves cool whether, you are likely to be invited to visit this place.

Strawberry Park not only shows you strawberries, there are different kinds of plants that you may get to see in the park.

Let's start the journey now,

At the entrance

FYI, the entrance fee to Strawberry Park is free ;)

 These are the fresh strawberries. You can plug the strawberries too. However, there is RM8 charges if you want to plug the strawberries. They also sell packing strawberries as follow,

This is the cute stuff that I wanted to buy. I didn't buy it because I don't have enough place to store these duffy at home :( You can buy this at there for your family and friends as a souvenir or for yourself as well ^^


If you are a lavender lover, you may like this!

The overall lavender park
I could smell the lavender atmosphere, hmm~~ nice~~
But it depends! The first time I went there i could smell the lavender atmosphere but I couldn't at the second time. How sad :(

You can find roses too :)
red rose

Pink rose

Beige rose

White rose

Roses in the air
Morning Glory
 Big cabbages


 Afterthat, you may see the some display bees at a section and the seller selling honey.

There are people showing snake and parrots. Didn't take down the pictures of the snake and parrots as it is prohibited. You can take picture with the pet only if you pay them. ;(
Fine.. people are doing their business, can't blame them, smile back :) hehe.

Here you come to the section of vegetables planting.

They sell organic vegetables.


Various of flowers


Big lettuces

Then we go mushroom farm 
There are many kinds of mushrooms too.
My knowledge is limited for these plantings. Don't worry, there are 'name tag' for each different kinds of mushrooms :)


Black fungus

They sell mushrooms too!

 And c'est tout!
Before I left, I took photo at the entrance.
Strawberry fountain


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