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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Always Food Part 1

ehem.. ehem..
Okay! Today, I would like to talk about food..
Like so serious ;P

Yea! I want to talk about food. Not the definition, the advantages & disadvantages, the nutrient and more and more...

Let me try to make it interesting :))
I just want to show you some pics of the food which I ordered in different restaurants.

#1 The Hungry Dog

3 Little Pigs Burger


Its name, Three Little Pigs.  Obviously, it made of pork, pork patty.
The Hungry Dog is located at Subang Jaya SS15.

 #2 Tom, Dick & Harry's

Mushroom soup with garlic bread
Pork Burger

  Tom, Dick & Harry's is located in Pavillion Level 3, Lot c3 10.04
It's just beside the escalator.
It's a pub, you can spend your time with your friends at there.
The service there is just average as they judge a book with the cover.

  #3 Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant

Fong Lye is located  at everywhere Sunway Pyramid, KLCC, Jalan Imbi, Sri Hartamas and many places. The dishes there were not bad. It is always suitable for family, friends and couples :)

#4 Top Hat Restaurant  

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Red wine

Pumpkin soup

Prawn Salad

Fruit Salad

Tiramisu cake

Creme Brulee
Tea with chocolate praline
 Okay, Top Hat Restaurant is a best restaurant in Malaysia. It is located in KL, Jalan Stonor. It's just 15 mins walk from KLCC.
This restaurant serve asian food, western food.
I went there for new year celebration, so they serve set meal.
This set meal came with the aperitif, soup, entree, main course, dessert and coffee or tea.
The service was not bad, good!

To be continued...



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