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Sunday, 30 December 2012


We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas peeps!

Obviously, I'm blogging about Christmas here. LOL

On the Christmas' eve, I went to Genting Highland randomly with my bffs <3

It was my idea to go Genting to 吹风, blow wind, lol. 4 of us, Loon, Javeen, Wen and me. We go there together. Loon was the driver on that day ;D

FYI, the weather on that day was really cold, il fait froid! Only the foot of the hill already very cold like the weather of the midnight on the top of the hill.

Let me show you the photo
 We went to Gohtong Jaya first. We visited the strawberry park. I went there with my family before, so I didn't bother to capture photos at there :D

Will blog about that trip next time :)

 After that, we had our dinner in one of the shoplots there, 桂林海鲜饭店. The food there was manageable, the price is really cheap! It's cheaper than the other restaurants.

After dinner, we continued our journey, Loon fetch us to Genting.
When we reach there, it was pretty cold. Wen and I were wearing shorts, clever us! Yet the guys didn't wear jackets too ;DDD 

When we jump out from the car happily, the wind blew~~~
GOSH!!! Seriously, the weather was freaking cold! I was going to freeze!!
So Loon pour me a pail of cold water, he said this was so called 吹风 >< Good one!!

We went in to First World and bought each a Christmas hat ^^

In First World, we saw people holding the yellow balloons. I want too!!!
So Wen and me were going to find out where were these balloons from,hehe.
Ohh yeah! We found it! The balloons are come from a pop out store from VOIR. So we walked there and asked the staff if we could have the balloons too with our thick face skin :P
Yeah!!! We got that 2 balloons <3

As I mentioned, the weather there was freaking cold. Loon came out with an idea. He had a bottle of Chivas in his car. Hey hey! We are going to drink that!!    

We quickly ran to the car and he opened the whisky. We drank the whisky with cola, woah~ great! I felt a little warm :)

We didn't finish the whole bottle of whisky, of course :) We went to the Genting Starbucks to order coffee or tea. They ordered hot chocolate, ice blended and also coffee. I didn't order any as I dislike coffee. Coffee always make me diarrhea :(( How about chocolate?? I like chocolate drinks, but I can't take it too,,, diarrhea :((( So I end up drink a little of chocolate drink from Wen.

Javeen, Loon, Wen and me =D

Wen and me <3
Ho! Ho! After coffee then ice cream. We went to the shop which opposite the theme park. Guess what we bought ? :3 We bought ice cream, hahaha. This was really excited!! Eating very cold popsicles in a very cold weather!! :D

It's late! Then we went back to KL. Goodbye Genting!

I'd fun with them, love my friends <3

Post a photo which I really like it in this month.
It was taken before going out to meet Wen that morning :)
Okay~ That's all :)
Wish you a Merry Christmas, Jolly Christmas and Happy New Year.
Welcome 2013 after few days ;)

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