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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Always Food Part 2

Hello! I'm here again, after a week of my holidays ;D

Let's continue here! 

I went to Melaka with my sister after our works. 
We randomly went there just for meal.

We took  1 hour to reach there from Kajang.
I wanted to eat durian puff which is very famous in Melaka, so we parked the car nearby the Jonker Street.

#5 Jonker Street

As we were starving, so we ate a little of chicken rice ball.
Each person 3 nos of rice ball.
  We ate with roasted pork!

Yummy! I love roasted pork.
 When we just about to go after paying the bill,
the sky cried very sadly.
So we waited for minutes.

And once the rain stopped, with quickly went to find the durian puff shop.
 Oh yeah! We found it and I bought this!
 If you are a durian lover,
I guess you may love this.

The seller asked us to eat a puff with 1 mouth only.
Why? Yea, as you eat them like that, you may feel that the durian cream in the puff will pop out and the taste is really good!

Besides this, KL has many delicious food too!

 #6 Madam Kwan's

Madam Kwan's restaurant is located in many places in KL.
eg: KLCC, Mid Valley, Pavillion, ...

They serve asian and western style cuisine.
The prices are a little expensive.
But the portion of food is really large.

I ordered  chicken satay at there,
they have choices of satay like chicken, beef and lamb.

They have 6 strings of satay per plate.
1 string has 5 pieces of fleshes.
The normal satay is just 3 pieces per string.

The peanut sauce for satay is tasty too!
So it is worth!

Beef Kuay Teow

 Beef Kuay Teow is a chinese cuisine. This plate of kuay teow is large too although this is their standard size for 1 person.

The tender of beef is perfect! It was not too cooked and not rare.

Voila! ;) 

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