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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New Year 2013


Hi peeps! Quite a long time didn't post any new post.

This post will be post in BOLD words only.


It's because I think these BOLD words make me awake while typing.

Yea, never update any blogs in a long time.
It may be sleepy to start some long posts which are trip to THAILAND 

 CHINESE NEW YEAR is coming soon..

Everyone must have a resolution to start a new year.

So what's your resolution in 2013??

My resolution is to buy a car for myself by using my own savings.
What type of car I like??


Just follow my feelings ;P
Haven't decide yet.

Okay, feel like wanted to tell you why I didn't update my blog.

I addicted in China Drama.
I watched few dramas in PPS.

One of the China actress that I admire is 袁姗姗

She looks cute and pretty.
Good actress (Y)

So here another thing to tell you..

Especially Ladies!

I went for my HPV injection yesterday.
It was my 2nd injection.

I injected it in LPPKN clinic.
It is a government clinic.

They provide free HPV injection for 1994 this year.
I was born in 1993 but I get free injection ;D


HAHA!! It's because they provide free injection for 1993 last year.

You may have a question..

I was born in 1993
 Can I get free HPV injection this year?

Yea, you still can enjoy the free HPV injection in LPPKN clinic.
They provide this free service for 1993 ladies until June.
       So ladies, don't miss this chance!

For Your Info..
LPPKN clinics provide free HPV injection for the particular patients only.
They do not provide HPV injection to others even if you pay them.

Last but not least




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