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Friday, 7 December 2012

Trip to Bukit Tabur

Hi everyone! I'm back ;)
There is quite a period of time that I didn't post anything on my blog.
I would like to post about the trip to Bukit Tabur on 25/11/2012, Sunday morning early in the morning @ 430am!!

I'm a person who insist sleeping for at least 7 or 8 hours a day. I'm blaming that I had not enough sleep just because of the HIKING BUSINESS!! I went for hiking with my bff that Sunday. We woke up early in the morning so that we can hike to the top of the hill to watch the sunrise. :D

Before telling you the hiking business, I would  want to share with you what I had did on Saturday... 

Voila! Saturday morning was my F&B replacement class and the French Oral Exam. So I woke up early in the morning at 6am just for the bullshit replacement class (saying it bullshit is just because I hate waking up early in the morning on the lovely Saturday that I'm usually still sleeping on my lovely comfort bed at this time), the french exam was not tested in the early morning, so I do not blame it, hehe.

Let me show you my comfy bed ^^

And then I got myself prepared and drove to campus. The menu for that day was soup-minestrone soup, main course-roasted chicken with potato wedges, and fresh vegetables served with brown gravy, dessert-pineapple flambe. I serve 4 guests for every of my F&B service class.

Before the service started, I went to the French oral exam, hmm... c'est bien ^^ luckily i can understand what did the jury speak, hehe. Overall was manageable. I thought it was very hard, but fortunately, it was EASY^^

After the french exam, back to my service. I was waiting for my guests, boyfie was coming too ^^ When the lunch time started, they arrived and they were seated by me. Then I started my serving..

This is the soup

I was carving the chicken for their main course

And here comes the pineapple flambe :)

This is the flame!

After all has done and finished my fnb practical class. I met CY at the lakeside wow~ romantic~ lol!! we chatted for few minutes and I randomly told him that I wanted to do pedicure. So he brought me to the nearest shopping mall, Sunway Pyramid, and I got my pedicure done <3 So finished "dating" with boyfie eventually he was just accompanied me to do pedicure and pay for me, hahaha, we returned to school. I felt tired, so I napped in my lovely car I knew this is dangerous, so don't learn :P 

After an hour, i woke up and quickly drove my car back to home. I have to attend 2 wedding shower on that same day! Now, I would like to shorten my story just to bring you to the main topic, Bukit Tabur . Before ended this wedding shower, I would like to share a cute picture to you :)

Caterpillar shoes from my baby cousin sister! So cute <3

After attending the wedding shower, I went home and quickly get myself settle down and prepare the stuff for Saturday morning hiking business. Bffs were coming to my house and kidnapped me to pick me up to another CY place, who's also named Vince. I warned my friends not to disturbed me while I was sleeping, hehe. Voila! Thanks to their co-operate, gave me a good sleep for that bloody few hours before we headed to Bukit Tabur.

Around 4:30am, I woke up and we started our journey after we ate our breakfast at caunaught Mc-Donald. We reached there around 5am++ didn't look at the time >< just give you the approximate time. We found a way to "go into" the hill. It was very dark, really dark. We are too clever and we forget to bring torch light. LOL. No choice! So the smart phone were very useful. The smartest cell phone of that day was Samsung Note If I'm not mistaken. The hill was really slope! I was freaking tired and felt like wanted to give up! NO WAY! And I continued the journey with my friends. 

There were many rocks. I would like to define as much as I can't count how many rocks there were. This is not suite for the children below 13 years old to hike.

FYI, the rocks that I mentioned just now were -rocks before taking shape to crystals. And Bukit Tabur has another name in Chinese which is 水晶山, translate to English is Crystal Hill :) You can find many crystals at there.

At 7am, we did not reach the top of the hill but just only the half of it. We had not enough energy to continue, well, we just ended our journey to the top of the hill at there.

Told you right, we were just at the half of the hill but we could still watched the sunrise at there. There was cool il fait froid before the sun came out. I gave myself a deep breath to rest my mind a little while :)

 These are the photos we took at there :)


Zoom to the sun :D

We were on top of the clouds

Jennie's boyfie was sitting beside the cliff. WOAF!! My goose bump always bump out when I think about this!

You can see a lake at there too, c'est sympa!

You can also find many mint plants everywhere in this hill

Group photos.. <3

Took with Wen as well :)

Our 'planner' 

Planner sat on the rock and in front of him was the cliff!!! wtf.

So after taking the group photos, we used the same route where we came up to go back. btw, there is another way to go back.
On the way back, I also didn't forget to take some photos :D

And this was the crystal we found

C'est tout! 
I gained new experience! How about you? Go and 'visit' this hill to experience it! ;D
Although I was freaking absolutely tired, but this was really worth for me :)
Wake up early to enjoy the nature resource that we have in this wonderful earth! <3
Early bird always get better options :D

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