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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The week of holidays

School holidays from 12/11/2012 to 18/12/2012


Time flies very fast. I've done so many things during these holidays. 
I went to tuition classes, done my PSR, visited national palace, ate in different kinds and different styles of restaurants, enjoyed the monthly hair treatment, went shopping, gathered with bff, etc.


I woke up early for few days just to get my PSR (Professional Situation Report) done! They are the reports which are very important for me and my final exam and they also 'stand important characters" to enable me to graduate my diploma. I will not want to have another PSR in my life again! It made me sacrifice many things, especially the time. I do not have time to arrange my messy room, I do not have time to hang out with my bffs, I do not have time to do what I want to do! AND I'm get very frustrated because of my tuition class!

I was scolded by my tutor as I was telling her I needed more times to get my PSR and some homeworks done. She was very angry and scolded me that I didn't know how to manage my time properly! Come on my dear teacher, it wasn't the thing which are not important and it would needs more time to be prepared, it couldn't be done in a short time. Fine.. the elders always won't understand us and they always think that the youngers are always FREE. 

When we are studying, they praise us; when we are playing just to relax, they scold us that we just like to play and do not study; when we are struggling in some projects and hang out with friends to have fun to release stress, they always scold us that we are still playing, yet the projects are not done yet!

"I would like to say, ELDERS! Imagine that you are the youngers, you also like to have some fun when you are struggling in your projects and under pressure in your studies!"

Well. On the other hand, parents work hard for us. They think and use a lots of ways to earn more money just for the family. They pay for our education fees, eat, water, electronic and more and more. Besides thinking that elders always do not know our feelings, sometimes, I'm actually understand them. They care for their own children. They are afraid if their children learn bad things from many kinds of sources especially friends.

The technology is developed nowadays. Many kids or I should say almost everyone will know how to use gadgets such as computers and cell phones. They may make new friends by using these gadget and sometimes without knowing the personality of the stranger....
The thing that I want to mention is parents care us!

Back to the topic, I'm still feel unfair when you do something which is important for your studies and exam yet you still get scolded by the elders. You did right thing, why are they still scolding you?? Sometimes, something is not important than something which is very important. I would like to say something to you.
"Dear XXX, can you don't be so selfish?? Not everybody must follow what you ask them to do. "

National Palace

Let's continue! As I have finally done my PSR, I need to print it out and bind it. The moment I switch on the printer and click on the PRINT button.... OMG!! THE INK FOR THE PRINTER IS FINISHED!! So I decided to go shopping mall to buy the ink for printing. The next day, I woke up early and make up myself and I make sure that I look pretty as my relax mood is started! ;D I want to walk around the shopping mall, eat delicious food and more and more. After done preparing myself, I went out with my sisters :)

Before I went out and after done preparing myself, I took a few of photos of myself, hehe :D


As we were going to Mid Valley, we would pass by the national palace in Kuala Lumpur. It were me the driver for that day, being a Malaysian, so I decided to visit the national palace which is for tourists to visit as the lord is moved to Solaris Dutamas, if I'm not mistaken.

This is the small gate besides the main entrance.

The entrance fees:

Malaysians: RM2
Foreigners: RM5 

( Above information is just for reference, the entrance fees may not be exactly the same which I've typed here)

As I was walking in to the palace, nothing impress me, nothing is special. Yet I'm still carrying a mind set which I'm a Malaysian, at least I have to know what is inside the palace.
I was bored and the weather was so hot. I kept capture some photos in order to reduce my bored-ness.


And these are the things that the king used before.

After the visitation, my sister and I took a picture with the main entrance before we leave. Let me tell you a secret, the staff there thought we were from foreigners, hehehe.


So we continued our journey to Mid Valley, we went there to have our brunch first, then only go and buy the ink for the printer. Afterthat, we were free and nothing to do, so I told my elder sis to bring us (my younger sister and I) to hair salon to have a hair treatment. We used to go Centro Hair Salon to do our hair, so we chose the nearest place which is The Garden.

So I walked in to the salon and asked for the hair treatment. The receptionist seated  us and brought us 3 cups of tea and some magazines. And there, Kat Wong, the hair stylist came to me and told me about my hair problem and introduce me to do a hair treatment which hydrates my hair to let it be more smooth.

 The overall process took me around 1 hour, after it was done. Kat used a digital perm and permed my hair into big and soft curl. Je t'aime! <3


I'd a Western style dinner during the holidays, too. Mummy and Daddy brought us to Vin's Restaurant & Bar to have dinner. As that was rainy day and the weather was cold "Il fait foid", we ordered some teas and coffee for our beverages.

We also ordered some appetizers for our starter.
Sauteed mushrooms.

Fusion style pizza.

For the main course, my elder sister, Kay, ordered the Lamb cutlets, as well as my parents. It was tasty and the doneness of the meat based on their preference was perfect!

Last, my younger sister and I ordered Red Snapper for our main course.
Personally, I don't like the taste of the fish, but I love the salsa which is one of the condiments. The salsa tastes sweet and sour, C'est Parfait!

After we had finished eating all the food, we ordered the desserts. The chocolate lava was fantastic! The rich of the chocolate sauce flows out from the inside of the chocolate cake, yummy!

These were what I wore on that night :) **bling bling**

Besides this, I went to Dotz cafe with my boyfie, CY. Dotz cafe is a cafe which you can eat cakes, drink coffee or tea. You can enjoy the coffee and tea and also their special cakes with the decoration on the plate in anytime :)

Another design for last year's :) 

More coffee designs and decorations of cakes from Dotz.


The last day of the holiday, I went to Time Square, a shopping center, with my family. We wondered where we could go, so we chose to go to the shopping center which we long time didn't go. Mom was busy trying the polo tee. So I was looking around to find the luggage shop. I was looking for pink luggage!! I'm gonna use the luggage in next January. I'm going to travel to Thailand with my bff <3. I found a luggage shop and saw a pink luggage, so I asked Kay to go in as well, so she can pay it for me, hahahha.
So here mumsy came, I told her that I want to buy the pink luggage. I knew she wouldn't, so I asked her to borrow me money and buy it.... and bla bla bla... In the end, she paid it and I got this..^^

After that, we went to the Sembonia shop, and I bought this <3

Then, Kay and I went to sasa and picked some false lashes and we bought them :)

So these are what I did during the holidays! Thank you! :)

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