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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Result Announcement Day


After few weeks, I finally back!
I just finished my diploma a week ago ;D

Before that, let me post some photos which taken during my diploma :D

21/12/2012 the day of result announcement =)

With this Nicole sis <3

Housekeeping lecturer- Ms Lay Bee   
Front Office lecturer- Ms Ben Li

F&B lecturer- Mr Gopi, 194cm lecturer

F&B lecturer- Mr Justin Ho Li Vern

Bonjour mademoiselle Nathalie!

Eun ji (korean girl) and Ann

F&B lecturer- Mr Alex

Top student- Mademoiselle Cindy ;D

Mr Yeoh Tay Boon

Han Jin and Annabell

the joker, Wei Ann and Ann

RDOD lecturer- Ms Charmaine

Oops! My final exam f&b jury- Mr Steven

Sponge Bob lover- Bel Bel

Hana and Katherine

the ballerina- Wan San
Good bro, Mr Ivan and the happy girl, Roxanne

Top student- Ee Von
 We want to look thin!!!

F&B lecturer-Mr Mayukh

After diploma, I had the last gathering with my diploma friends in the stage club. Well, we'd actually have fun at there, but almost all of them drunk very early :(

Stage club was having an event on 21/12/2012, the DJ from HK came to Malaysia. There was promotion which buy 3 free 1 for the clubbers....

I couldn't get to take photo with all my friends as I reached there late. However, I have the photos with some of my friends and the senior :)

Okay! C'est tout! Will have more updates soon :)
Good night!  

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