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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Foul Language

Something 'burst out' in my mind.. 

As I was having an English tuition class this morning, I had a topic about foul language during the class. My tutor, Stephanie was talking about she hates people speak foul language so much.

Same as me, i hate people speaking foul language in front of me. However, i can accept people speak it in English but not in Cantonese. For me, foul language in Cantonese sounds very bad and make me feel uncomfortable. Based on the information from Steph, most of the Honkies speak foul language in every of their sentences. I think this will slowly be their culture =="

Maybe you will ask me why I can accept foul language in English but not in Cantonese. 
There are only few foul words in English such as sucks, fuck, damn etc. However, in Cantonese, there are a lot of them such as diu, SH, MH etc. In English, there are limited foul words and these words are not too sensitive to people although sometimes it may hurt someone. For Cantonese, there are too many foul words, and these foul words sound extremely hurt to people when they use foul words to scold people.

Although I may speak foul language sometimes, but I speak it in English as this will not sound too hurt or bad. I hate people speak it in Cantonese as there are more and more meaning of them and they sound badly and make people feel uncomfortable.

Foul in Cantonese:
I have a group of friends,  they are guys and ladies. They always speak foul almost in every of their sentences. Doesn't matter is good thing or bad thing, they will at least use a foul words in their sentences. I understand there are many people using foul words in their sentences regularly in their life. However, I will still think that this sounds so bad when the third party hear the conversation between A and B. In the community, guys tend to speak more foul compare to the ladies. So I grudgingly accept guys speak foul among themselves.

However, I absolutely object female speaking foul. This sounds so rude to me! I was trying to advice my female friends and I was telling them many times not to speak so rude and dirty ( as most of the foul words represent females' sex organs), yet they still do not want to listen and keep speaking it. Besides this, they also speak in front of the males and sometimes they will use foul words when speaking with make friends. This is ridiculous! Although the male friends (or some of them) do not feel anything, my female friends have automatically broke their own images.

Sometimes, I will get frustrated when I heard my female friends using foul language to speak to anyone. I hope that they will feel uncomfortable and hurt when people use the same words to fire back them. Here, I would like to speak like a meme: 

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