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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Body Reshaping

Due to the environment, food and lifestyle nowadays, most of the people gain weight very fast. My perception towards this issue, I personally think that WE LIVE TO EAT, so we should eat whenever we want to eat. ;D I believe that we would like to try and experience new dishes in different places, even if you'd tried one and you would like to have it again and again. Conclusively, we EAT and we EAT. Like my friend, he always say "EAT EAT EAT!" to me whenever he meets me, hahaha!

Right, EAT EAT EAT..

We can eat as much as we can, but don't forget about your health and your weight! Especially for ladies, you know right, ladies care about their weight VERY MUCH. Most of the things are not important but my WEIGHT!!

I also believe that sometime you may be desperate when you stand on the weighing scale looking at the stick pointing at the kg which is heavier than your previous. "OMG!" And you will lie to yourself, "This is impossible! I think this weighing scale is spoiled!!" and quickly get down from it and hide it up. LOL!!

This is a very very very SERIOUS problem to me and YOU maybe ;)


OHH! 1 month is very long to me seriously. I love food okay?!

But I want to keep my body slim!!

I'm sure you will notice there are many slimming centre in many places. In 21 century, who doesn't love her body much, man as well! Besides slimming centre, there is also blowing beauty surgery trend. People visit slimming centres, clinics or hospitals to sign up expensive packages just to reshape their body line. You will have to gone through treatments for reshaping. It may not be so relax and comfortable. There must be some kind of equipments which will produce warm/hot temperature and place it on your skin. Woah! This is so uncomfortable and pain.

If you know me, you will think that I'm not that fat. Who knows? This is my body, I understand myself. But if you are my very best friends, I believe that you know I'm really fat, hahaha! Let's say about ladies who really look slim and fit, but they do not admit it. They still want to be more slim thin. Nobody will satisfy what he/she has. Ok.. Back to the topic that I've mentioned just now. Honestly, I thought to visit those clinics, slimming centres before. Although I knew it will be painful during the treatments. Who cares??!! I want SLIIIIMMMMMM!!!

So I went to ask about the prices and packages... EXPENSIVE. I know, there are also cheaper price in some places. I don't dare to try them, ok?! I'm afraid I will get strange decease causing by those cheap cheap chemical or treatments. ><

There will be a shooting with my bffs soon. This make me panic, I have to quickly reshape my body or keep my body fit! The fat on my back and stomach. These are enough to make me feel annoying on how to slim down in a very limited time :( 

I gave up horror treatments for body reshaping.
For my face, I'm still thinking to take treatment for it, hehehe.
1. Not economy enough
2. Not dare to try the painful treatments on my body
3. Parents don't know I'm going for these. They will screw me up >< 
Giving up horror treatments. What are the other methods can I do for slimming? I did not ask Mr Google as I think the best way to slim since I was young is to control on my food and lifestyle. These 2 points will effect your body shaping obviously , seriously ;) So I tried this "traditional slimming method" to slim and keep my body fit.

Talk about food, you will imagine delicious food. Tell you good news! You still can eat delicious food although you are keeping your body fit ;)

Remember when I was a gymnast in secondary school, represent my school for competition, we had to keep our body fit all the time and make sure we are not fat. How they define fat? - Do not look chubby, haha!

Seriously, no kidding. How we diet to avoid fleshy body?
1. We are not allowed to eat rice. No rice.
2. Eat chocolate bar, vegetables and meat only. You may ask why chocolate bar? Don't you know chocolate bar is always fat?? Yea, I know. But we take chocolate before our training or before competition. Don't worry, we will use more energy in training. You will not gain weight after taking it but you will also gain muscle in the same time. Good right ;)

WARNING This is not the good and healthy way for diet!!!
I almost get Nervosa during the diet period. I got hypoglycaemia too! Pity me :(
So after I'd graduated from high school, I say no way to this kind of diet method. I know this method will really slim you down or I should say you will become thin after using this method to diet. However, I will not recommend it to you :)

So what I take for my meals?
I take supplement for my breakfast.

These are Nutrilite products. I mix protein into the supplement and water/milk and shake it. They can be "fast food" for you when you are rushing to school or office. I know some of you will think it is not enough for breakfast. Yea, it may not full your stomach at the beginning. You can take some energy bar to prevent hungry. Nevertheless, follow the times go on, you will not feel hungry by taking supplement for breakfast only. It can last until lunch time.

 People who do not know these, you can take oat with milk for your breakfast :)

For lunch, you can take what you want. Remember that if you take rice, rice must not be a big bowl but you can take more dishes.

It's dinner time! All dishes must be in small portion. Scoop it and bite them slowly, not fast. Enjoy your dinner slowly. If you are still hungry, you can take again and eat them slowly.

The important one is NO JUNK FOOD and SUPPER!
Please say goodbye to them :)


 No nightlife if you want to slim down. It is because it will effect your body system and don't know how, you will become fat. Hahahaha... So sorry, I do not have much knowledge in this. But I knew this can be one of the reason which will cause you fat.

Do more exercise helps you a lot in body reshaping. I usually swim, jog and work some basic routines to keep 
my body fit. I swim few times per week, go for jogging 1 time per week(sometime), do sit up or dance Figurerobics referring from YouTube. Click here for more info.

 Swimming can builds your muscle on your arms, thigh, chest and your shoulder will be wider.

 Jogging or walking will helps to build muscle mainly on your leg. It can helps you to form abs. ;)

< Photos from google are not clear, so I'm not going to post it here:)>
Working Figurerobics will helps to maintain and keeping your whole body fit. If you do not do other exercises act in concert with aerobics. You can  only see the results after dancing it for a long time.

Talk so much...
Tell you a secret good news here, I'm from 50kg loss until my previous 45kg.
I'm so happy, hahahaha! 

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