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Thursday, 28 February 2013

My 1st Sabah Trip: Tawau

What did I do during the Chinese New Year in 2013?

I didn't get many angpaos than others.

I didn't gamble much in this Chinese New Year.

I'd no reunion dinner in nian 30 wan with The Low's.

So ..


It was my first Sabah trip ;D

I went there with my family.
We went there for snorkeling.

We follow my parents' friend to Sabah.

However, we went to Tawau on the 1st day of the trip.

It was 5 days 4 nights trip.

We don't dive in Tawau. We went there was because the uncle's house is there.

1st Day

When we arrived, we placed our luggage in uncle's house then we went out for our brunch.
Uncle brought us to a famous restaurant where we could have seafood noodles for our meal.
 FYI, seafood in Sabah is cheaper than East Malaysia.
Uncle ordered seafood noodles for us and I ordered a glass of herbal tea for myself.


The noodles and seafood were tasty.
Especially the seafood, it was really delicious.

There are different kinds of seafood in a bowl.

If I was to rate it from 1-10
I would rate this seafood  8.

The other 2 is just because I'm the person who doesn't like seafood very much. 

After the brunch,we went to a wet market.
To buy fishes.... 

Mumsy finally bought one of these..
There was very less people as we went there during CNY.

After buying the fishes, we wanted to go to another market. 
But daddy, sisters and me were too tired, should be exhausted, then the uncle's brother send us to our apartment.

And we checked in at 230pm..
We stayed here..

And mom went to market with uncle and my cousins.

 When we reached the apartment , I jumped to the bed and had my power nap until 530pm.

We had our dinner in uncle's house.
The dinner that day was very delicious <3

Seafood dinner

2nd Day

We woke up very early on the next day and went to uncle's house again.

We had our breakfast at there.

Uncle's mom was very good in cooking, although she is very old now.
She fried noodles and made half-boiled egg for us for our breakfast :D

Around 10am, we left to Semporna, Huray^^
When we reach Semporna, we took speed boat to the middle of the sea and started our snorkeling vacation ;D

5th Day

 On the 5th day, we came back to Tawau from the diving heaven.

We reached Semporna jetty arounf 730am and we took 2 hours to back to uncle's house.

Uncle brought us for tea time and lunch.

We went to eat seafood noodles again!

Unfortunately, the seafood of this restaurant was not various :(
I prefer the 1st day one.

Herbal Burdock root tea

     Fish market again!

Sabah fish market was very clean.
No flies..
Very clean, good!


Yellow Fin Tuna


Uncle and crab
Puffer fish



Giant Parrot fish
Vegetable market!

Large pumpkin

Good arrangement

Different kinds and quality seaweed

After shop around the markets, we went to uncle's sister-in-law's hair salon to have a hair pampering treatment.

My hair was knotted!!
because of the sea water..

Went to Sipadan- diving heaven.
will tell u more on the next post ;D  

Needed treatment badly.

And I got my smooth hair back finally after the hair treatment :)

We had our last dinner in Tawau at 4pm.

Dinner was cooked by uncle's mother again.
Seafood dinner again :)
    After the dinner, we said good bye to Tawau and back to KL.

Good bye Tawau! :'(


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