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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Reasons of female volleyball player wearing high cut shorts

Repost from 13/12/2014 Saturday
Was discussing about the reasons of female volleyball player wearing short shorts with my friends and I went online trying to find out the answers.

Unfortunately, there isn't any specific answers from the web about the short shorts for the player. Think about it... Short shorts or tight attire and they named it short spandex as well, for an athlete is quite important sometimes. As they literally help to reduce "burden" during the movement or the routine of an athlete.

However, when it comes to volleyball player, why must them wearing such high cut shorts during their games or match? Based on the research, I found that the old time female volleyball players, the length that they wore for games is already short. Nevertheless, there is high cut shorts these time and there isn't any specific reason to support that the benefits of a volleyball player wearing high cut shorts.

Conclusively, female volleyball player wearing high cut shorts is just a fashion.

* spandex
Spandex is eventually a type of fibre which texture is silky, smooth and elastic.

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